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75” Samsung Q80B QLED 4K Smart Tizen TV

75” Samsung Q80B QLED 4K Smart Tizen TV

$1,799.99 Regular Price
$1,199.99Sale Price

Delight in the dazzling details from bold contrast with this QLED 4K. Your picture comes to life with deep blacks and pure whites from the precise backlighting of Direct Full Array. Enjoy all you watch upscaled to 4K in a range of Quantum HDR 8X colors, along with 3D sound that follows the action.¹ ¹Utilizes AI-Based formulas to upscale to 4K Resolution. Resulting picture may vary based on source content.

  • Tech Specs

    • Direct Full Array

      Watch the deep blacks and bright whites pop from LED lights directly behind your screen. With Direct Full Array, less light leakage makes way for beautiful details to reveal themselves.

    • And by carefully controlling focused zones of backlights, it delivers the striking contrast that bring your favorite movies and series to life. ¹

    • Quantum Processor with 4K Upscaling

      Enjoy your picture automatically converted to stunning 4K by the intelligent processor. For each and every scene, the fast and powerful Quantum Processor 4K upgrades your viewing experience, no matter the source of your content.

    • You’ll experience the clarity and smoothness of 4K resolution, plus improved color, contrast and sound with intelligent features like Adaptive Picture and Adaptive Sound built in.

    • Quantum HDR 12x | 8x *

      Watch how your picture deepens with an amazing range of immersive color. Experience deep contrast and brilliance that bring fantastic detail to a new generation of Hollywood movies and shows in High Dynamic Range. And scene by scene,

    • HDR10+ maps tones dynamically to create the deep blacks and vibrant imagery that shine through—all to bring new meaning to every single moment²

    • Dolby Atmosand Object Tracking Sound *

      Experience vividly realistic 3D sound that puts you in the middle of the action with Object Tracking Sound+. From the strategically placed speakers behind the screen,

    • you’ll hear the getaway car drive from one side to the other, and even feel the roaring fighter jet fly overhead. As objects move on screen, sound is projected to follow them with pinpoint accuracy. With OTS+ (4.2.2ch) audio this immersive, you may even forget you’re just at home.

    • Plus with Dolby Atmos built right in, hear the rain from above and the explosion from beyond from the strategically placed speakers behind the screen.³

    • Real Depth Enhancer

      Experience depth and dimension on screen just the way you see them in real life. Whatever objects you’re focused on, Real Depth Enhancer enabled by powerful neural networks mirrors how the human eye processes depth by

    • increasing foreground contrast. For nature documentaries, food programs and travel shows, this simple adjustment brings the picture that much closer to reality.⁴

    • 100% Color Volume with Quantum Dot*

      Bask in a billion shades of brilliant color at 100% Color Volume. Quantum Dot technology brings you a gorgeous picture by transforming light into lifelike color that always stays true. That means even as the scene gets brighter, the details stay bold. ⁵

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